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On 9th October, 2007, the philatelic products of stamp issue “Mainland Scenery” will be available for sale at the Macao Post Headquarters, from 9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m., the “Rua do Campo” Post Office, from 9:00a.m. to 7:00p.m., the Maritime Ferry Terminal Post Office and the Airport Post Office, from 10:00a.m. to 7:00p.m, and the Communications Museum, from 9:30a.m. to 5:30p.m. The philatelic products are as follows:

Philatelic Products Selling Price Quantity
Souvenir Sheet 10.00 patacas 200,000
First Day Cover with Souvenir Sheet 14.00 patacas 4,500
Information Brochure 4.50 patacas 3,500
Information brochure with Souvenir Sheet 14.50 patacas

The registered mail service for the above philatelic products will be available on the issue date at the above locations.

The landscape on this souvenir sheet is Mount Kangrinboqe, it is situated in the Pulan province, Ali County, in Tibet, its peak is always covered in snow and is shaped peculiarly like a pyramid. This mount was selected by the election organized by the China National Geographic magazine as one of the top 10 most beautiful mountains in China.

The image captured for this souvenir sheet and the author for the information brochure are came from the veteran photographer of Macao Mr. Lou Kam Ieng. The composition of the souvenir sheet is designed by Macao Post.

This is the ninth issue in 2007. The issued stamps are as “Lunar Year of the Pig” on 08/01/2007; “Shek Wan Ceramics” on 03/02/2007; “Scenes of Daily Life in the Past IV” on 01/03/2007; “Chinese Traditional Shops II” on 08/05/2007; “Seng Yu – Idioms II” on 01/06/2007; “Literature and its Characters – A Journey to the West II” on 18/06/2007; “Centenary of the Establishment of the World Scouting Movement” on 09/07/2007 and “200 Years of Robert Morrison Arrival in China” on 28/09/2007.

Technical Data of Stamp “Mainland Scenery”


Commemorative Postmark Cancellation Service of “World Post Day – UPU”

Respond to the Universal Postal Union for the celebration of the World Post Day, the Postal Administration achieves various activities relative to this event. Macao Post announced that a Temporary Post Counter will be set up at our Philately Shop located at Macao Post Headquarters and the Communications Museum on 9th October 2007 providing the commemorative cancellation service for the “World Post Day – UPU”.

Opening hours as following:

Philately Shop of Macao Post Headquarters: 9H00 – 17H30
Philately Shop of Communications Museum: 9H30 – 17H30

A commemorative envelope will be distributed to public, and various philatelic products will also be available for sale during the above activity.

Welcome to visit and collect Macao Stamps.

Commemorative Postmark Cancellation Service of “12th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair”

To cope with the 12th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair, Macao Post announced that a Temporary Post Counter will be set up at Venetian Macao Convention & Exhibition Center, on 18th to 21st October 2007, providing the commemorative postmark cancellation service for the “12th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair”.

A commemorative envelope priced at MOP2.00 will be issued, together with the various philatelic products available for sale during the above activity. The service hours are as following:

18/10/2007 12H00 to 18H00
19-20/10/2007 10H00 to 18H00
21/10/2007 10H00 to 17H00

Welcome to visit and collect Macao Stamps.

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