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Macao Post will participate the “China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition” which held in Luoyang City, Henan Province, China, from 10 to 16 April, 2009. To cope with this great event, Macao Post will issue the third series of souvenir sheet “Mainland Scenery” on 8th April, 2009. The image displayed on the souvenir sheet is the Longmen Grottoes located in Luoyang, it is included in the UNESCO’s “World Cultural Heritage List”, it’s well-made statues come together to offer a thorough elaboration of the harmonic and ideal aura of the Buddhism world. The design shown on the first day cover is the city flower of Luoyang – Peony, it has been considered as the “King of Flowers”.

The above issue will be available for sale at the Macao Post Headquarters, from 9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m., the “Rua do Campo” Post Office, from 9:00a.m. to 7:00p.m., the Maritime Ferry Terminal Post Office and the Airport Post Office, from 10:00a.m. to 7:00p.m, and the Communications Museum, from 9:30a.m. to 5:30p.m. The registered mail service for the above philatelic products will be available on the issue date at the above locations. The philatelic products are as follows:

Philatelic Products Selling Price Quantity
Souvenir Sheet 10.00 patacas  200,000
First Day Cover with Souvenir Sheet 14.50 patacas 5,000
Information Brochure 5.00 patacas  4,000
Information Brochure with Souvenir Sheet 15.00 patacas

The image of this souvenir sheet is provided by Longmen Grottoes Academy, the composition of the souvenir sheet is designed by Macao Post, and the text for the information brochure is written by Mr. Lou Kam Ieng.

This is the fifth issue in 2009. The issued stamps are as “Bicentenary of the Birth of Louis Braille” on 04/01/2009; “Lunar Year of the Ox” on 08/01/2009; “Opening of Kun Iam Treasury” on 20/02/2009 and “Traditional Instruments II” on 01/03/2009.

Technical Data of Stamp "Mainland Scenery III"


Commemorative Envelope of Exhibition “China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition”

Macao Post will participate the “China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition”, located at Luoyang City, Henan Province, China, during 10th to 16th April 2009. To commemorate this Exhibition, Macao Post produces the commemorative envelopes and provides the commemorative postmark cancellation service for the “China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition” on site of the exhibition.


Be convenience to the philatelist, the commemorative envelope with stamp priced at MOP3.50 will also be available for sale at the Philately Shop of Macao Post Headquarters staring from 13th April.

You may send your registered mail of this commemorative envelope at the following locations *:

Philately Shop at Macao Post Headquarters: 13th April 9H00 17H30
Post Offices:  13th to 16th April Office Hours to Public 

* No commemorative postmark cancellation service provided in Macao.

Postcards Design Contest

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Reunification of Macao with Motherland, Macao Post will organize a Postcards Design Contest with the theme of “10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region”, the aim is to encourage the Macao residents to celebrate this great event through the healthy philatelic activity. The winning entries may be selected as designs of postcards to be issued by Macao Post, this provides an opportunity for the residents to share the joy of the MSAR’s developments and achievements by mailing the postcards to the relatives around the world.

The contest consists of Open Category (aged 18 or above) and Youth Category (aged 12 to 17), first, second and third prizes will be given to each category, all the Macao residents are welcome to participate. Submission entries start from 8 April until 31 July 2009.

Open Category Awards: Youth Category Awards:
1st Prize – One certificate and MOP8,000 1st Prize – One certificate and MOP4,000
2nd Prize – One certificate and MOP4,000 2nd Prize – One certificate and MOP2,000
3rd Prize – One certificate and MOP2,000 3rd Prize – One certificate and MOP1,000

Details of Contest Regulation and Application Form can be obtained at the Macao Post Headquarters, all post offices or downloaded from Macao Post website ( For any inquiries, please contact Macao Post through Tel: (853) 8396 8604 or E-mail:

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