Stamp Issue of Label Stamp “Lunar Year of the Tiger”
21/01/2022 18:04

Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau issued the label stamps “Lunar Year of the Snake”, “Lunar Year of the Horse”, “Lunar Year of the Goat”, “Lunar Year of the Monkey”, “Lunar Year of the Rooster”, “Lunar Year of the Dog”, “Lunar Year of the Pig”, “ Lunar Year of the Rat” and “Lunar Year of the Ox” under the stamp series of Chinese Zodiac between 2013 and 2021. The tenth issue with the stamp theme “Lunar Year of the Tiger” will be issued on 15th February, 2022. The printing quantity is 1,000,000 label stamps. 


In the Chinese Zodiac, the tiger ranks third and is known as “Tiger Yin”. It has been revered and adored in China since ancient times. According to the tradition, people believe that tigers can ward off the three great catastrophes from families: fire, theft and evil. So people draw a tiger on the front door of their home or hang a picture of a tiger on the wall in front of the door, and pray that it protects the safety and peace of the family. Even though tiger was held in awe in ancient China, people today have developed a strong affection for tiger beyond their fear and respect.


The above issue will be available for sale at the General Post Office (9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m.), the Communications Museum (9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m., 2:30p.m. to 5:30p.m.), and the “Rua do Campo” Post Office (9:00a.m. to 7:00p.m.). The mail service for the philatelic products cancelled with the commemorative postmark of this issue will be available on the issue date at the above locations. The philatelic products are as follows:


Philatelic Products Selling Price Quantity
Set of 4 Label Stamps 17.00 patacas  
First Day Cover with Label Stamps 23.00 patacas 4,500
Information Brochure 7.00 patacas 2,500
Information Brochure with Label Stamps 24.00 patacas  


On the issue date, the maximum sales quota per queuing customer is 20 sets of 4 label stamps, 20 first day covers with label stamps and 20 information brochures with label stamps. 


Arrangement of automatic stamp vending machines

The following designated automatic stamp vending machines will have a temporary arrangement; the maximum time limit for using the vending machine is 5 minutes for each queuing customer.


- General Post Office, Lobby

- Communications Museum, Ground Floor


The stamp designer of this issue is Ms. Anita, Fung Pou Chu, and the text of the information brochure is written by Mr. Gong Gang.


The issued stamp theme in 2022 includes the commemorative stamp “Lunar Year of the Tiger” issued on 05/01/2022, and the commemorative stamp “Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022” will be issued on 25/01/2022.


Technical Data of Stamp “Lunar Year of the Tiger”


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