The Collection of Mr. Correia Nunes
25/02/2022 15:45

On March 1st, 1984, CTT acquired the Collection of Mr. Correia Nunes, which was originally as a private collection from the late Mr. Correia Nunes. This is a precious cultural heritage.


The book is divided into three volumes. There are the marks and letters of Macao Maritime Mail period, the Crown stamps, and issues up to the early 1970s, including various fiscal tax stamps, charity stamps and postal stationery. This magnificent collection showcases special stamps fabricated in an era where there was scarcity of resources for the needs of postage stamps, like split stamps, overprint and surcharge stamps, label stamps, etc.; it also includes some rare philatelic objects, such as stamp proofs at the printing stage, defects due to fabrication or additional overprint, and stamps that were never issued.


The “Collection of Mr. Correia Nunes”, Vol. I, II, & III, is priced at MOP300.00 per volume (MOP900.00 per set of three volumes).  It will be available for sale at the Philatelic Shop of General Post Office, the Communications Museum, and the “Rua do Campo” Post Office, starting from 1st March 2022.


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