Stamp Issue “Historical School Buildings in Macao”
07/09/2022 15:31

Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau will issue the stamp theme “Historical School Buildings in Macao” on 9th September, 2022. In the olden days of Macao, schools were set up for Portuguese and Macanese students by the government. Besides, there were also schools for Chinese students organized by civil patriots and religious associations. This unique combination of Portuguese and Chinese culture characterizes the education system in Macao. The historical school buildings in Macao have witnessed how generations of local talents are nurtured under the coexistence of multiculturalism in the city. It has made positive contributions to the development of the Motherland and Macao.


This issue, with a set of six stamps, embraces together six schools, including: Matteo Ricci College (Primary Section), Macau Portuguese School, Santa Rosa de Lima Secondary School - Chinese Section, Lingnan Middle School, Pooi To Middle School and Pui Ching Middle School. The historical buildings of these schools are also the epitome of Macao’s precious cultural heritage.


The above issue will be available for sale at the General Post Office (9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m.), the Communications Museum (9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m., 2:30p.m. to 5:30p.m.), and the “Rua do Campo” Post Office (9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.). The mail service for the philatelic products cancelled with the commemorative postmark of this issue will be available on the issue date at the above locations. The philatelic products are as follows:


Philatelic Products Selling Price Quantity
Set of 6 Stamps 25.00 patacas 200,000
Set of 6 Sheets 1,250.00 patacas  
First Day Cover with Stamps 31.00 patacas 3,000
Information Brochure 7.00 patacas 2,500
Information Brochure with Stamps 32.00 patacas  


The stamp designer of this issue is Mr. Wong Ho Sang, and the text of the information brochure is written by Mr. Tam Chi Kuong.


This is the ninth theme of 2022 issues. The previous issued stamps are “Lunar Year of the Tiger” on 05/01/2022, “Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022” on 25/01/2022, the label stamp “Lunar Year of the Tiger” on 15/02/2022, “Red Cotton Tree Flower” on 01/03/2022, “Sixth Patriarch – Hui Neng” on 10/03/2022, “70th Anniversary of the Nursery Service of the Women’s General Association” on 21/05/2022, “50th Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage” on 10/06/2022, “Feast of Saint John” on 24/06/2022, and “Macanese Gastronomy” on 20/07/2022.


Technical Data of Stamp “Historical School Buildings in Macao”


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